Be prepared. Be on time. If you arrive after the bell without a pass, you are late. Repeated lateness will result in detention. Bring pen, pencil, binder, and book to class. Invest in a flash drive to save electronic work throughout the course of the year.

Be respectful.

RESPECT is essential at all times. Through classroom discussions, differing opinions will surely arise. At no time will you be permitted to be rude to one of your classmates. Instead, strive to grow as you consider attitudes and opinions that differ from yours.

Be responsible. Do your work. For all of us to maximize the year we have together, you must make a firm commitment to do your homework. Late work will not be accepted and will result in a zero.

Submit papers/projects when they are due!!! Assignments greater than 100 points will be accepted, but will be heavily penalized. Please don't offer excuses. I provide sufficient time for you to complete your assignments and expect you to do so.

Make up any work you missed when absent. School policy requires that you make up work missed during that absence within 2 school days. Be responsible and do so. If an assignment is made while you are in class and you miss the day the work is due, you are responsible for having it the day you return to class.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check SKYWARD regularly to stay aware of your progress in class.
Any questions about your grade at any time should be directed to my e-mail addres I will address it much more quickly if I have it in writing in front of me.

All plagiarism guidelines set forth in the English Department policy will be strictly adhered to.
Cheating will always result in a 0 and a call home. This policy stands for the person who copied the work AND the person who they copied off of.

Spring-Ford English Department Plagiarism Guidelines

You will be required to turn all of your literature based papers to